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Home Depot Trials In-Store Mobile Video Ads

thehomedepot.pngA new SMS based service is being trialled at over 100 Home Depot stores in the Florida region. The system allows potential customers to view instructional videos on their phone for products they are interested in buying.

An example of this is a video showing how easy it is to install and change light fixtures and ceiling fans designed by a company called Safety Quick Light. They offer a new technology for connecting light fixtures, and so they need to educate consumers at the point of purchase about the benefits of their system.

This new service is another example of the trend towards making advertisements that are in fact useful for consumers and offer a service rather than simply conveying a brand message.

Customers are alerted to the system by SMS codes on the shelf displays. The system is run by Avot Media .

“Today, it’s not easy to find and watch mobile video,” said David Sloan, director of product marketing for two-year-old Avot. “But everyone understands SMS short codes, and mobile voting for ‘American Idol’ has proven that model is mainstream.”

See the full release here.

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