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Yahoo and Coupons, Inc Expand their Relationship

yahoo_y1.gifYahoo! and Coupons, Inc have announced that they have expanded their current relationship to enable consumers to receive coupons on their mobile phone. The deal signals the first nationwide mobile coupon network which will enable advertisers to reach the whole US market with their campaigns.

In order to show the power of mobile coupons to brand advertisers, Coupons, Inc will offer participation in their mobile coupon program free of charge to their clients for the next 12 months.

“We see mobile coupons as a natural extension of our leading digital marketing platform and a way to turn coupons into a strategic marketing vehicle that delivers value,” said Steve Boom, Senior Vice President, Mobile, Yahoo!. “Our global reach, leading position in mobile advertising and the ability to deliver the right offer to people, creates a unique opportunity to define and catalyze the market for mobile coupon promotions. When consumers get a coupon they want it’s not seen as an ad ‒ but a gift.”

Papa John’s Pizza is the first advertiser that will use the Yahoo mobile coupons

papa_johns.gif“Papa John’s is excited about mobile coupons and is looking forward to working with Yahoo! and Coupons, Inc. on this innovative mobile marketing opportunity,” said Jim Ensign, Vice President of Marketing Communications at Papa John’s. “We see mobile coupons as a viable way of reaching our customers wherever they might be and another component of our integrated marketing campaigns.”

See the full release here.

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