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AdMob Launches iPhone 3G Ad Solution and Gives $1 Million To iPhone Developers

iphone_3g.gifFollowing the recent launch of the 3G iPhone, AdMob has come out with a new “ad unit” to support the device. They also announced several key brands that are launching ad campaigns, and have pledged $1million to iPhone deveopers.

iPhone 3G Ad Unit
The new ad unit takes advantage of the device’s capabilities and the mobile context. The new ads include Brand and Performance formats that will function in both the browser environment as well as native applications built for the iPhone. The ads blend graphical display with one of eight iPhone-specific actions to provide one-click access to:

  • iTunes: open the iTunes store and purchase music or video content from iTunes
  • App Store: visit the App Store and download applications
  • Audio: listen to recorded or streaming audio content
  • Video: view video and share video with friends
  • Call: initiate a voice call
  • Maps: launch maps and display relevant locations near that user’s location
  • Web: visit iPhone websites
  • Custom: interactive user experiences

Here is a video examples of these ads:

AdMob’s new iPhone ads are available immediately to advertisers

Initial Advertisers
Advertisers and Publishers who are already working with the new ad formats include:

admob_iphone.gif• Brand Advertisers:
Ford, Electronic Arts, Land Rover, Jaguar and Universal Pictures “The Mummy”

• Performance Advertisers:
vsnax, Stitcher, Loopt and Shozu

• Publishers:®,, Mippin, Flirtomatic and Loopt

$1 million
AdMob also announced that it will give $1 million in advertising to developers to promote their iPhone applications, sites and services.

The developer program is intended to help fuel the growth of a new wave of mobile publishers. As part of the program, AdMob will give $1 million to developers to promote their applications and services. The program is available worldwide. Beginning today, developers can apply to be included in the program at

Read the full AdMob press release here.

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