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Bango and Millenial Team Up To Provide Advertising Metrics

magnify_phone.gifBango and Millenial Media have announced a partnership that will allow mobile advertisers to better understand the traffic that is being exposed to their ads, and so optimize for better performance.

Millennial Media has announced that it has integrated Bango’s mobile analytics into its Decktrade marketplace platform. Decktrade is a performance-based, self-service network for mobile advertising, featuring a simple-to-use auction environment.

Bango’s analytics platform was recently upgraded, and now provides the two metrics most sought after by website owners: the number of unique visitors browsing the site and conversion rates from mobile marketing campaigns (see post with more details on Bango Analytics.)

Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango said “this partnership gives mobile website owners the tools to target exactly the right audience across multiple markets and to increase their success on the mobile web”.

Eric Eller, Millennial Media’s SVP of products and marketing explained further, “Our Decktrade customers will benefit from being able to leverage the response of each campaign to then reinvest where they see the strongest performance.”

Read the full release.
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