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BBC Sees Mobile Web Usage Up By 25%, Prepares Big Push For Mobile News

bbc_news.gifThe BBC has been doing research into how it’s customers receive their news, and how they would like to receive their news. As a result of the study and an observed growth in mobile web traffic of 25% since last year, the BBC will be launching a marketing campaign to explain to people how to access BBC news via their mobile.

Writing in the BBC blog, Steve Herrmann, Editor of BBC News Website, discussed the research that has been carried out. The four main conclusions are quite interesting.

  • Most people were getting their news and information in a whole variety of different ways and from different places in the course of a day or a week
  • The researchers described each person as having a “news ecosystem”, where an individual might read several papers, hear news on the radio, look at various websites and/or TV channels for news
  • The habits of the modern news consumer were described as “increasingly eclectic and multiplatform”
  • As for mobiles, people were typically using them for headlines, major stories and areas of specific interest

Read Steve’s blogpost here.

Here is the TV spot that BBC will run to get more people to try watching the news on their mobile: BBC video

You can also learn more about what news is offered on BBC mobile here.

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