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JumpTap Launches Ad System For Mobile Publishers

jumptap2.gifJumpTap, the Boston based mobile search and advertising company, announced ADtap for Publishers. It is targeted at mobile publishers, media companies and iPhone application developers, and is intended to provide a streamlined means to monetize their mobile traffic.

For publishers who have not yet set up their own mobile advertising systems, JumpTap can provide a full outsourcing of mobile advertising operations to increase speed to market and to monetize their impressions immediately.

At the core of JumpTap’s offereing is the JumpTap Premium Mobile Ad Network. According to JumpTap, their Ad Network attracts more than 26 million unique users with over 450 million premium page views per month. The iPhone, which has experienced rapid growth across JumpTap’s ad network, offers over 260 million monthly premium impressions.

“Our focus is to align ourselves with high quality publishers to maintain an inventory that is relevant to users and advertisers,” stated Paran Johar, CMO of JumpTap. “Inventory quality and effective targeting are critical factors necessary to create a positive user experience, where the ad is actually viewed as valuable content.”

Read the full JumpTap press release.

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