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Universal Pictures’ Despereaux Gets iPhone Mobile Site

desperaux.gifMinick has launched an iPhone specific mobile site for the Universal Pictures animated film The Tale of Desperaux. The move was prompted by iPhone becoming the top visiting browser to the existing Desperaux mobile site.

Lourens de Beer, Managing Director of MINICK UK explained the reasoning behind this: “We have experienced massive growth in traffic from iPhone browsers across all our managed portals and specifically for the movie portals we manage on behalf of Universal Pictures in the USA.”

In March 2008, the iPhone was not even in the top 30 browsers visiting the site. In November, the iPhone was the top visiting browser to the site.

desperaux_phone.gifMinick traditionally creates a single mobile internet site which can be dynamically rendered for over 2000 device profiles. This is done by the Minick platform. The downside is that they also had to design sites for the lowest common denominator when it came to site functionality.

According to Minick, “The Tale of Desperaux sites is a great example of what can be designed for Mobile devices and in particular shows why it is important to design site specific to mobile phones in the first place. There is no need to zoom in and out, the trailer video has been optimised for the iPhone and the navigation makes use of the sliding images capability of the browser.”

You can see the iPhone site at (but you must access it with an iPhone to see the iPhone version.)

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