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Strong Growth For Entertainment Focused Search Service

teens_content.gifAbphone, the France based mobile entertainment search company, seems to be doing very well according to announcements made by the company recently.

Abphone has an interesting business, it has built a search engine and service focused solely on entertainment content – images, wallpapers, videos and games.

The fact that Abphone limits its scope of search to entertainment content means that it can use search algorithms that are more tailored to this type of content, rather than generic web search algorithms.

It can also develop the user interface specifically for this content. For example, on the Abphone service there is a “I’m Bored” button which will bring back some entertainment content that it believes you will like based on your past searches.

The company has recently had quite a bit of good news to report:

  • Abphone entertainment search is now found on all 3 french mobile operator portals – SFR, Orange, and Bouygues Telecom.
  • The audience for Abphone search has grown by more than 30% in the past year alone in major countries such as the USA, UK, France and India.
  • Ad revenues in the same time period have increased by 40%.
  • The latest Mediatech 100 report ranks Abphone among the 100 most promising companies in the medias and technology industry!*

Pierre Scokaert, CEO of abphone commented: “The future is bright for abphone because vertical search is ideally suited for the mobile web. In 2009, we look forward to extending our search offer to address new verticals, such as music and news.”

As mobile search develops, it seems more and more likely that there will be several types of search co-existing on a consumers phone. Rather than a single monolithic search engine as we typically see on the web, a mobile subscribers may in fact decide to keep a number of different search services on their device so they can get the absolute best results.

Read the full Abphone press release.

* Mediatech 100 report references some of the most successful and innovative companies in Europe. Mediatech 100 is a publication of Library House and is supported by Kemp Little LLP and NMA. The Mediatech 100 is a list of Europe’s hottest private media technology companies likely to have the biggest impact on the Mediatech industry in the future, selected by assessing companies using Library House proprietary data filters and by an expert advisory panel.

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