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BuzzCity Opens Up Social Network “mygamma” To Developers And Advertisers

buzzcity_logo.gifBuzzCity has announced that it will be opening up its popular mobile social networking site mygamma so that developers and advertisers can integrate their own applications into the service.

mygamma already provides users with various applications such as chatting, blogging and photo-sharing, but the myGamma Developer Platform will allow developers to create social networking applications with seamless integration into myGamma and direct access to members.

BuzzCity expects that utility applications such as job alerts or cheap fare alerts will be very popular, as will fun activities like snowballs and water-bombs.

They also expect an increasing number of advertisers to deploy applications on mygamma as a means of reaching and communicating with potential customers on the mobile internet.

“Our users certainly want to do more with their mobiles and this will mean more applications” said KF Lai, CEO, BuzzCity. “Our recent surveys clearly show users wanting to communicate, exchange and transact. By providing this platform, developers get direct access to our members and create better opportunities to generate revenues”.

BuzzCity operates the social network site for two distinct audiences:
– the newly connected emerging middle class in developing markets, and
– the blue collar sector in developed regions. world escort

mygamma currently has about 3.2 million people and has seen rapid growth due to widespread and affordable wireless access.

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