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Survey Reveals People Prefer Mobile Web to PC Web

GetJar, a leading independent mobile apps store, released the results of their recent user survey, which revealed some very interesting facts about consumer behavior.

GetJar also announced that it has downloaded 400 million mobile applications, and that volume in the past month was 200% higher than one year ago.

As the popularity of mobile applications has grown, GetJar has become a major source for application downloads, with a monthly rate of about 30 million, second only to the Apple App Store.

The survey polled 15,000 of GetJar’s users. You can see that this group would definitely tend toward the “early adopter” or “heavy user” profile, but the results may well be indicative of the direction the mass market is heading.

Here are a few points we thought were interesting:

  • 68% of users said they surf the web more on their mobile than they do on their PC.
  • The most popular time to use mobile applications is just before going to bed (at 33%) followed by 27% of respondents saying they use mobile applications whenever they are waiting for someone or something.
  • 50% saying they download an app at least once a week (there really are heavy users!)
  • Respondents say they are more likely to discover mobile applications and content from friends (36%) or from browsing and search (21%).


Ilja Laurs, CEO of GetJar, said “All indications and stats point to people switching to their mobile phones to do their everyday favorite activities such as email, IM, reading the news and playing games. They are able to independently connect with people and find information and entertainment when they want it, no matter where – even in bed.”

For more information, read the full press release.

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