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Country Update: Rapid Growth In South Africa

rsa_flag.gifGlobal mobile advertising network mKhoj has released some new statistics about mobile activity in South Africa, indicating a very rapid growth in mobile internet usage.

South Africa is a very interesting market, with a mobile penetration reaching 100%, and the need to serve a very diverse customer base that speaks 11 official languages.

This diversity of population presents a special opportunity for mobile in South Africa. As Rick Joubert, head of mobile advertising at Vodacom commented to MobiAD, “it is quite hard to do any traditional ‘mass market’ marketing, because you can’t communicate with everyone in a single language and in a single cultural context. This is actually a big opportunity for the advanced targeting capabilities of mobile advertising.”

Combined with the fact that for most South Africans, mobile will be their only means to access the internet, and it puts mobile clearly in the center of the country’s communication development.

For more about the South African market, read the MobiAD interview with Rick.

The numbers reported by mKhoj show that over the past six months, their network inventory grew more than 3000% in the South African market. And a lot of that inventory was converted to revenue, as they delivered 5000% greater monetization levels for its publishing partners.

Other data from AdMob indicates that Nokia and Samsung are the two leading brands of mobile handset, each with about 1/3 of the market. Nokia dominates the smartphone market, with over 80% of smartphone ad requests coming from Symbian OS phones. Windows Mobile and iPhone are much smaller at 7% and 5% respectively.


With the FIFA 2010 World Cup tournament scheduled to take place next year in South Africa, we can expect to see ever increasing levels of mobile marketing activity, both for local fans as well as visitors. Read this article The essential mobile-marketing guide for the 2010 FIFA World Cup for a good overview of the possibilities and best-practices for advertising around the event.

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