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100 Billion Ads Served: Major Landmark For AdMob

100billion.jpgAdMob, one of the pioneering companies in mobile advertising, passed a major milestone last week, serving its 100 billionth mobile ad.

Having launched just 3 years ago, this is a sign of the explosive growth that mobile advertising has undergone.

AdMob’s, vice president and managing director, Thomas Schulz, said: ‘100 billion ads served is an exciting milestone for AdMob as a company, but also testament to the fact that the mobile phone is now becoming a mainstream advertising medium.’

AdMob has changed and grown a lot of the past, and in some respects, their growth has been a mirror of the key trends and changes in the industry:

  • focusing on banner ads in 2007,
  • adding a mobile analytics product in 2008,
  • aggressively supporting the use of iPhone apps for marketing starting in 2008, and
  • adding special support for the Android platform in 2009.

The AdMob network now includes over 7,000 mobile sites, and over 2,500 mobile applications.

To learn more about the amazing growth of this company, read the quick overview of key AdMob milestones on the AdMob website.

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AdMob now has offices around the world, having recently opened a Tokyo office on August 10, the same day that that the 100 billionth ad was served.

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