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MMA Solicits Public Comment On New Guidelines

mma_logo.gifThe Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has opened a public review period for the next version of their Global Mobile Advertising Guidelines.

The review period is open to the public, and will run through 31 August, 2009. (the proposed guidelines are downloadable here).

The guidelines are intended to foster the growth of mobile advertising while at the same time protecting the consumer experience. The intended publication date for these guidelines is September 2009, and this will be version 4 of the document.

The new guidelines include several major updates and additions:

  • The MMA’s new Universal Mobile Advertising Package (UMAP), which provides industry-standard ad units.
  • The Mobile Application section has been expanded from North America only to worldwide.
  • An expanded MMS section, including new ad units and guidelines.
  • An expanded Mobile Video & TV section with new ad units and guidelines.
  • An expanded Mobile Applications section with new ad units and guidelines

To get the download link for the proposed guidelines, please enter your email address here:

and company name here:

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