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Brand Awareness 25% Higher When Content Is Consumed

mediacom-logo.gifA recent study by MediaCom and Ribena has shown that brand awareness is 25% higher among people who have engaged with branded content. The research compared exposure to different types of Ribena display advertising.

This suggest that engagement ad formats, that typically involve brands paying more when a consumer interacts with their ads, raise brand awareness and purchase intent significantly.

While this research focused on online advertising, it is also important for mobile marketers, as one of the key benefits of mobile advertising is its strength in creating consumer engagement.

The study found that people who had been exposed to the standard Ribena display advertisement had an increase in brand awareness of 31%. This compares to an increase in brand awareness of 55% in those who had played a Ribena-Branded game for more than 90 seconds.


The study also found that the amount of time that people spend consuming the content increased their awareness of the brand from a 43% increase for those who spend 30 seconds playing the Ribena game to 55% for those who played it for 90 seconds.

“The research shows that content plays an ancillary role: you deepen engagement if you offer good content. It also shows that the longer someone interact with branded content the more brand measures increase,” said Jerry Lloyd-Williams, head of content at MediaCom Beyond Advertising.

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