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Green Marketing: VW Launches Fuel Efficiency iPhone Game

vw_logo2.jpgVolkswagen has launched its fourth iPhone game called “Volkswagen Think Blue Challenge.

In keeping with today’s greater awareness of environmental impact, the game aims to promote the fuel-saving capabilities of VW’s Polo and Polo BlueMotion cars.

Contrary to many car games, which involve going quickly around a course, this game involves players being rewarded for driving in a fuel-efficient manner as fare as possible.


The application includes an online ranking, which allows you to compare your score to that of others and an option to upload your best performance to Volkswagen’s eGames Facebook fan page.

The application also comes with all the standard commercial material that you would expect including VW dealer locator, product brochure, and the ability to book a test drive.

Fishlabs has implemented the concept of fuel economy not only creatively, but also in an entertaining fashion,” says VW’s Cornelia Lenz. “It shows that fuel economy can also be virtual fun.”

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