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GyPSii Launches LBS App For Twitter

gypsii-1.gifGyPSii, the Netherlands based location enabled social media platform, has announced the launch of a new application that integrates its location based technology with Twitter.

The application, named Tweetsii, enables users to geo-tag their Twitter tweets, add pictures/videos and recommend places to their contacts.

Here are some of the Highlights of Tweetsii:

  • Streams: Allows you to see who is nearby and what people are saying about the area in which you are
  • Explore: Gives you result based on what people are tweeting about and the places and events they go to
  • Location-based Tweeting: allows people to add a geo tag or photo/video to tie it to a location and their twitter timeline

gypsii-bb.gif“Tweetsii is an extension of the GyPSii vision to connect people and places across networks,” explained Dan Harple, Founder and Executive Chairman of GyPSii. “The Tweetsii app breaks down barriers between the real world and the digital world, by making real time social media easy to create and interact with”

The application is available for iPhone and will also be rolled out for Android and Blackberry phones.

As part of this announcement, GyPSii also announced that they had recently closed an $11 million private funding round which brings its total fundraising to $40 million.

To read the full Press Release please click HERE

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