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“Pay-Per-Call” Ad Network Goes Live in the US

phone-money.gifOfferMobi has launched the first “pay-per-call” performance-marketing network in the US for the mobile market.

The service allows advertisers to generate, track and compensate for high quality leads received through phone calls.

The system works by allowing advertisers to assign a unique 800 tracking number to every publisher. These numbers then can be used in a variety of mobile campaigns such as application-based advertising, SMS, mobile internet inventory, and mobile search.

The platform then provides real time analytics to give advertisers the necessary data to adjusts payouts, change call flows or take additional measures to ensure the best peroformance of their advertising campaign.


“Given the widespread adoption of the mobile device and today’s advanced quality filtering and tracking technologies, we see an exciting opportunity in this space,” said Mark Roth, CEO of OfferMobi. “With our extensive knowledge of performance marketing and RingRevenue’s high-ROI call tracking platform, we’re well-positioned to help advertisers and publishers capitalize on the rapid growth and broad reach of mobile.”

To read the full Press Release please click HERE


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