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Want To Buy A Friend A Drink?
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Interested in improving your social life?

A new service that allows mobile subscribers to send their friends a coupon for a drink at local bars is showing early success in San Francisco.

The service, called Bartab, is at the moment only available in the San Francisco Bay Area but has already gathered around 10,000 users within it’s first month after launch. Bartab has plans to expand into New York and Los Angeles over the summer.

bartab.gifBartab works by using a mobile Facebook app that allows a mobile subscriber to order a drink for a friend for $1. The friend then receives a message on his phone explaining that he has received a drink in a particular bar.

By integrating with a Facebook application, the service increases brand visibility and drives consumer into local venues while broadcasting the bar’s name and logo across consumer’s social networks.

bartab2.gifOnce the friend is in the bar, he can redeem the coupon by answering the message and presenting it at the bar, where for $1 more he can retrieve the drink.

“With Bartab, we’re bridging online social networking with real life social interaction,” said Arthur Gross, VP of Business Development for Webtab. “Bartab was developed to make virtual gifts real, fun and affordable. In less than a month after our soft launch, we attracted tens of thousands of users in the San Francisco Bay Area alone, all giving each other $1 drinks at their favorite bars and restaurants.”


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