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Mobile Ads Can Be Profitable:
Games Developer Earns $300K Per Month

money-and-htc-android.gifQuite a few people have wondered if the income stream from mobile advertising could be sufficient to run a business, as it is usually very difficult to get actual data about the revenues from publishers.

Now mobile application and games developer MobilityWare has announced that it earned $300,000 during June 2010 from ads in its various titles on Greystripe’s advertising network.

word_warp_icon.pngMobilityWare has released internal information previously – in July 2009, they announced that they were earning a monthly average of just over $10,000 in income from its highest grossing app, Word Warp.

In this recent announcement, MobilityWare has announced that they earned $298,309 during the month of June from their catalogue 17 titles, clearly answering the question if ad funded applications and games can provide a substantial source of income.

Erica Chriss, VP of strategy and business development for Greystripe said “MobilityWare’s success shows the strength of the free ad-supported business model for app developers, especially in the current competitive climate in which they are competing with hundreds of thousands of other apps for user attention..”

“We’ve tried many ad networks and Greystripe has delivered the best overall eCPM. They also have a great team. Their responsiveness makes it easy to work with them,” Dave Yonamine, VP of marketing for MobilityWare said.


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