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Millennial: Android Ad Revenue Beats iPhone Ad Revenue For First Time

androidbeats-iphone-v2.gifThe latest release of US mobile ad network Millennial Media’s monthly Mobile Mix report had some surprising news: for the first time ad revenue from Android devices was greater than ad revenue from iPhone devices!

Overall smartphone share continued to grow at the expense of feature phone share, and Apple’s iOS remained the largest share of the smartphone impressions.

The 2 big messages from this study are the strong growth of the overall smartphone market and the fact that a number of platforms besides Apple are growing fastest.

Overall smartphones represented 58% of ad impressions, up from 51% in the previous month, strong evidence that US consumers are more and more moving away from feature phones to smartphones.


Among the various smartphone platforms, the growth rate varied greatly:

  • Android ad requests grew 26% month-over-month, and since January they have grown 1,283%.
  • RIM ad requests increased 16% month-over-month, and since January, RIM has increased 143%.
  • Apple ad requests increased 10% month-over-month, and since January, Apple has increased 18%.


This growth results from the increasing number of manufacturers releasing Android based phones into the market – although each may not have a large market share, together they make Android a very popular platform. (see MobiAD article: Gartner: Android Overtakes iPhone OS)

Despite the rapid growth of Android and Rim, Apple iOS still has the largest market share among the smartphone platforms. However, for the first time, ad revenue from Android devices surpassed ad revenue from iPhone.

The Mobile Mix report also includes information on the iPad, the top phone models in the US, and also the most popular mobile application categories.


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