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Consumers Browse The Mobile Web in the Evenings and Morning

clock-android.gifInteresting information has recently been published which provides further proof that smartphones have become the first and last device that consumers look at in the day.

London-based mobile ad network Adfonic has released a study about the hourly click patterns of smartphone users, which can help advertisers target ‘temporally”.

By studying the hourly click patterns of smarthphone users on their network, Adfonic have shown that traffic starts to build from 6 pm, continues rising through the evening before peaking at midnight. There is a similar usage peak in the early morning.

Interestingly both these periods coincide with traditional dips in online traffic showing that mobile is, for brands, a clear opportunity as well as a good compliment to an online campaign.

“Analysis of our data shows that among iPhone, iPad and other smartphone traffic, there is a growth in ‘sofa’ and ‘bed’ surfing. Many seem to prefer their smartphone – to engage with social media or to download apps for example – to a good book when they go to bed,” says Paul Childs, chief marketing officer at Adfonic.

images.jpegThe study also found that consumer use of their smartphone varied during these two periods; with most connecting via Wi-fi in the evenings resulting in a higher level of app downloads. This is opposed to the morning peak which involved much more 3G connection and less app downloads suggesting that consumers where on the move.

“As people switch off from TV advertising and spend less of the evening in front of a PC, smartphone and tablet devices are becoming the mediums of choice for spontaneous internet access. They also open up exciting new opportunities to cross-link TV and online campaigns with mobile devices and content.” said Childs.

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