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Financial Services Leads Growth Of Mobile Advertising

mobile-money-transfer1.jpgAccording to the latest SMART report from mobile ad network Millennial Media the financial vertical is leading the growth in Mobile Advertising with a year on year growth of 802%. Followed by Retail & Restaurants (745%) and telecommunications (719%).

The growth in the financial vertical is due to an increase in the number of consumers using mobile banking services as well as using their mobile device to manage other aspects of their financial lives.

Because of the recession consumers are paying more attention to their financial situation and mobile allows them to manage it on the move. Clever brands are using this trend to promote their services across different financial services.


Using mobile’s flexibility, advertisers can precisely target their campaigns using traditional mobile call to actions (such as ring back, Submit forms and store locators), as well as deeper mobile engagements (such as Applications and videos) in order to reach their campaign objectives.


The data also shows that nearly half (47%) of campaigns are using targeting and that geo location (49%) followed by demographic (30%) and behavioural targeting (19%) are the most popular ways used.


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