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Android Market Growing 3X Faster Than App Store

android_apple.gifAccording to an interesting study published by the App Genome Project, the Android Market is growing at nearly 3 times the rate of the App store in the US.

Although currently the Android Market is much smaller, should both continue to grow at current rates Android will have more apps than the App store by 2012.

The study, found that the Android market has grown by 127% in the last 6 months compared to 44% growth for the App store. But these results are relative – the Android market received nearly 50,000 new apps compared to the App store 105,000 for the same period.


The study also find that Apple attracted many more new developers since August 2010, 22,000, compared to approximately 4000 for Android.


When it comes to the comparison between free and paid apps, the study found that the Android Market has a much lower share of paid apps at 34%. However this is an increase of 12 points over the past several months. By comparison, Apple’s app store had 66% paid apps, down 4 points over the same period.


AdMob is still the dominant ad network that is used in order to monetize free apps on both iPhone and Android devices. However, in the Apple App store, iAd has gained 10 percentage points in the last 6 months and is now only 2% behind AdMob.


The App Genome Project, which was created by Lookout Mobile Security, aims to create an ongoing map of the anatomy of mobile apps across multiple platforms. It also serves as an insight into how mobile apps access personal data and sensitive capabilities in order to identify security threats.

To read the full study, please click here.

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