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Who’s Using What Media When?

media_consumption_info_image.gifOver the past several years the diversity of media available to the average person has exploded.

Mobile internet enabled smartphones, tablets, social media sites, personal media players, Twitter – all of these are now used on a daily basis by a large sector of the population.

But who actually is using what media, and when? Ad Age, MBAOnline, and Magid GS produced a very interesting infographic which answers this question!

One of the best features of this infographic is that media consumption is broken down by generation, profiling the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Teen Millennials and newly christened iGen.

This provides a great opportunity for comparison across generations.

Another key feature is that the data is presented by time of day. This lets you see, for example, that when Gen X is at work all Internet activities shoot up in usage, while newspaper reading drops out completely.


For a larger view, visit the original infographic site.

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