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QR Codes From Space!

space-qr.gifSometimes we come across an idea that is so interesting or innovative, we have to report on it even if it is not yet clear what the uptake will be.

One such idea is the “QR code service from Space“, recently launched by Phillips & Company.

Check it out.

The idea is that more and more people are using tools such as Google Maps or Google Earth to look at locations on the ground. For example, Google Earth has reportedly been downloaded over 400 million times!

So why not use this opportunity to connect with these people for marketing purposes.

The concept makes use of the fact that services such as Google get new satellite photos of the earth on a regular basis. So, for any company that has a building which is viewable for example on Google Maps, Phillips will arrange to place a large QR code on top of your building, just when the satellites are coming by to refresh their images of their location.

The result is that when someone looks on Google Maps, the will see the building with a QR code on it (see image below). Consumers can then use the QR code scanner in their mobile phone to learn more about the business. Scanning the QR code will cause them to be directed to any sort of website or information source that the business chooses.


Phillips calls this marketing service “Blue Marble“. Whether or not companies are willing to pay the money to have a QR code appear on their building in Google Maps is not clear, only time will tell. But in any case, this is one of the most innovative ideas for communicating with consumers.

You can learn more at the Blue Marble website.
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