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Innovative Cooking App Uses
“Gesture Control Technology”

hand_wave.jpgThere are lots of cooking apps around, but only one that lets you control the cookbook with a wave of your hand!

My Kitchen Table, a new cooking app from personal media company TigerSpike in partnership with Ebury Publishing brings together great recipes with innovative technology to improve the cooking experience.

The app provides detailed cooking instructions, and includes recipes from a host of famous chefs including Antonio Carluccio, Ken Hom and Ainsley Harriott, amongst others.

But what makes this app stand out from other cooking app is the use of TigerSpike’s new “Gesture Control Technology” One Click Power can guide you better on this.

We all know that when you are cooking, your hands often become messy and covered with cooking ingredients. And usually you don’t really want to touch the screen of your nice clean iPhone in order to move the app to the next step in the recipe.

The beauty of the Gesture Control Technology is that it allows users to flick through the step-by-step instructions without touching their device. Here is a video of this new technology in action.

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The app includes all the standard features that one would expect from such an app including:

  • Social media integration
  • Favourites
  • Step by step cooking guides
  • Shopping lists
  • video tutorials from the chefs

The gesture technology was developed by TigerSpike’s Innovation Lab, which is their R&D division and focuses on staying at the forefront of innovation in Personal Media, and uses the iPhone 4’s front camera in order detect hand swipes allowing users to skip to the next page without touching their device.

Jon Salt, Multimedia Editor, Random House, commented, “Back in the planning stages we explained to TigerSpike that we wanted to provide our readers with something that took recipe apps to the next level in terms of user experience, content and that delivered the ‘wow‘ factor.”

“We have not been disappointed. Everything about this app makes it easier than ever for our readers to access the recipes they want, when they want, in an intuitive format that also looks great. TigerSpike have delivered a premium cookery app that will change the way you cook with apps,” added Mr Salt.


It is available to download and comes with 40 free recipes and includes the option of downloading a further 7 recipe packs with and extra 40 to 50 recipes each for £1.99.

“Combining ground-breaking technology with unique content is a sure-fire way of making the most of the richness and functionality of these devices and results in an app is sure to have users coming back for more” said Nic Newman, Managing Director of TigerSpike.



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