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Opera Releases First State Of Mobile Advertising Report

opera-software-small.jpgOpera has launched its first State of Mobile Advertising report, highlighting key data and trends in the industry across the globe.

Apple’s iOS came top of the list for eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) with an average of $2.85, above Android’s $2.10 and far beyond Windows Phone at just $0.20.


Very impressively, while iOS holds a share of 46.53% of traffic, its share of the overall revenue is a much larger 61.41%.

The study also found that rich media ads drive click through rates (CTR) and carry a much greater customer engagement, especially those that leverage the capabilities of more sophisticated mobile devices. Advertisers seem to have come to understand the power of rich media and video mobile ads, and these two ad types are growing rapidly.


The research uses data mined from the Opera worldwide network of more than 35 billion ad impressions. One overall conclusion is that for maximum profit and reach, advertisers must use more than one ad network, due to the varied performance over short periods of time.

For more information, visit the Opera State of Mobile Advertising website.

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