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Mobile Ad Prices Around The World:
Europe Is Expensive, US Is Cheap!

global-prices2.gifSmaato, one of the worlds leading mobile ad networks, has released its latest mobile advertising pricing guide, designed to improve the monetisation of mobile by app developers and advertisers.

The results showed a wide range of prices around the world, with the US being much cheaper than Europe!

The figures for the first quarter of 2012 use the Enhanced Cost Per Click (eCPC) average as a percentage per country, with the USA setting the baseline of 100.

The results showed the power of the western European market, with both Italy and Germany in the region of 150 percent.


Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato, said: “The Smaato Index indicates that app developers can now make more money in Western Europe than in the U.S. While for advertisers, the U.S. is now an incredible bargain as they can reach 30% of the U.S. market through smartphones at 30% lower cost than in Western Europe.”

Smaato also notes that the marketplace in Oceania is growing significantly, while India and China combined now have as many smartphones as the USA, hinting at the future compelling, untapped areas.

Kruse concluded with a startling suggestion: “Rapid smartphone adoption in the U.S. means advertisers will be able to reach 50% of the US population at Christmas 2012 through mobile advertising. Play today at the best games on the kizi games site.

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