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1-in-5 Online Christmas Sales In 2012
Could Be On Mobile

christmas_mobile.gifBased on a recent study from IMRG Capgemini, the Christmas 2012 season could see a major growth in mobile commerce, with up to 20% of all purchases being made by mobile.

This forecast follows on from their Quarterly Benchmarking study which showed that sales through mobile rose to 11.6% in the second quarter of 2012, up from 8.2% in Q1.

Another significant finding was the the penetration of mobile in the UK market’s e-retail sales has soared by 2900% since the beginning of 2010. At that point mobile represented just 0.4% of e-sales, compared to 11.6% in the recent quarter.

Finally, the research indicated that consumers are becoming more demanding when it comes to engagement with mobile sites. The visitor bounce rate for Q2 rose to 29%, the highest level in over 2 years, suggesting that people are more discerning when they arrive at a site.

Tina Spooner, Chief Information Officer at IMRG said: “With the phenomenal growth seen in m-retail sales and visits, inevitably this also impacts the website visitor bounce rates, with fickle consumers easily able to compare and browse across multiple websites before completing a purchase.”

Chris Webster, vice president at Capgemini hinted at the ever-growing importance of mobile technology and the future approaching: “The mobile device will be the must have item when you leave the house; just imagine when your passport and driving licence can also be held (or accessed) through the device.”

But, in a moment of stark realism he added: “One final hurdle to clear: what happens when the battery goes flat?”

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