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Chok! Chok! Chok!
Coke’s Interactive TV-Mobile
Gaming Promotion!

chok_header.jpgCoca-Cola has had a long history of successful, innovative advertising in many media. Last summer, Coke ran a campaign in Hong Kong that successfully combined the reach of TV with the engagement of mobile to create a true phenomenon across the region.

With traditional TV watching on the decline among teens, the challenge for advertising agency McCann Erickson, Hong Kong was how to transform a traditional TV ad so that it would appeal to the teen audience.

In just two years, the time that teens spent watching TV had dropped by over 10%, while the time on spent using their mobile was rapidly growing, so the decision was to use mobile as a means of interaction.

For years, people around the world have been used to interacting with Coke campaigns in the exact same way: buy a Coke, pull open the cap, and see what prizes are printed inside. But now, in Hong Kong, this happens using the mobile phone.


“CHOK!” is a current slang term in use by Hong Kong teens that means a sudden, rapid motion. Leveraging the popularity of this word, McCann created a mobile app that would literally let consumers “catch” Coke bottlecaps that were shown on a Coke TV ad.

When the ad aired each night, people would take their mobile phones and shake them at the TV as the bottle caps were shown. The phone would then indicate that some bottle caps had been “caught”, and the person could check to see if they had won prizes such as mobile games, discounts, or other virtual collectibles.


In essence, this turned an otherwise standard TV advert into an Coca-Cola’s first ever interactive, TV gaming promotion!

This was quickly taken up by the teens in Hong Kong, and it became an instant hit. Once people became familiar with the campaign, Coke ran the ad in cinemas and on outdoor billboards as well, and Chok! Chok! Chok! became a group phenomenon as well!


Eventually, as the game became even more popular, teens posted the TV ad on YouTube, and people could Chok! Chok! Chok! anytime of the day! At this point the ad was truly viral.

The Results

The results from this campaign were incredibly good.

  • after one day, the app was number one on a local download store
  • after just 6 weeks, there were a total of over 400,000 downloads of the app
  • a viewership of over 9 million on TV, YouTube and Weibo. That is over 1.2 times for every single person in Hong Kong.

This meant that the Coke ad was the most-watched ad in Hong Kong history!

To see more about this fun campaign, check out the video below.

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