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China Mobile to Launch Mobile Advertising Service, Major Growth Expected

china.gifChina Mobile has received licensing approval to create and execute its own mobile advertising and marketing services. Its services will focus on different forms of mobile advertising, including sending ads to clients’ mobile phones through service providers, embedding graphical ads on web pages on its own ad network, providing ringtones, and creating interactive marketing games.

Zhou Yi, director of China Mobile’s Olympics Office, has told local media that mobile advertisement is part of China Mobile’s value-added services.

This comes as Beijing based research firm Marbridge Consulting announced that revenue from mobile advertising would reach $142 million next year up from $92 million this year. The Olympics being one reason why Marbridge are predicting a growth of over 55%.

Mark Natkin, managing director of Marbridge Consulting, said “China’s mobile advertising market is still at an early stage of development. The market was $65 million in 2006. This year, we will start to see companies allocating budgets for mobile advertising,”

See Marbridge Consulting’s press release HERE

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