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Coke Creates “Silver Room” For Female Consumers


Coca Cola of Great Britain has launched a new mobile website designed to appeal to a new generation of Diet Coke drinkers. The site brings together the best in celebrity gossip, fashion, music, film, games, and green issues, and is targeted at today’s tech savvy female audience.

The “Diet Coke Silver Room” has been created by mobile specialist company Marvelous, and is intended to be a destination where young female consumers can access magazine-style content on their mobile phones.

The site is organized into several sections:

  • Access, which has music and movie trailers;
  • Gossip, with photos and updates on popular stars;
  • Fashion, with information about new fashion items plus special tips for a Friday night;
  • R&R, which has games and also focuses on green and social issues.

Diet Coke Silver Room Homepage


In order to source the content for the site, Coke has set up several key partnerships with well known brands, including:

  • Celebrity gossip from Heat,
  • Fashion from Get Lippy,
  • Music with Gabriella Cilmi,
  • Film with Fox and Parmount, and
  • Green content from Green Thing.

Some Gossip from the Silver Room


One interesting feature of the new mobi site is the Music Mobcast, which uses a voice call to deliver content. The mobcast is 2 minutes worth of music news and information on 3 new bands each week which is voiced by Gabriella Cilmi. A user simply enters their phone number into the site and they receive a phone call. When they answer the phone, they hear Gabriella’s voice on the line.

The Music Mobcast


There is also an easy link through to the CokeZone site which lets consumes win prizes by collecting the points codes on Coke products.

The CokeZone


The mobile site, which went live September 22, is part of a comprehensive marketing program to drive awareness among 16 to 24 year old females. The site is supported by a mobile and web media campaign, plus the site will be promoted by the ad-funded MVNO Blyk and the iconic ‘Coca-Cola’ digital site at Piccadilly Circus.

diet_coke_quote1.gifCathryn Sleight, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain said, “we have been looking at new ways to create a fresh dialogue with the next generation of Diet Coke drinkers. We feel the Diet Coke Silver Room is the perfect platform to offer these younger, tech savvy consumers both a great brand experience and some genuine added value and rewards, designed specially for them.”

Sleight continued: “Mobile technology is the perfect way to communicate with today’s busy young women, as it puts these consumers in charge by offering accessibility wherever and whenever they want to engage with the brand.”

“Our objective was to give consumers the most positive 10 minutes of their day, as a combination of premier content, insight into what’s hot and very cool mobile applications. In addition, we had to create a platform that tied into the positivity of Diet Coke and product consumption, so the Silver Room was born,” commented Marvellous CEO Jon Carney.

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