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Ad Network For Mobile Social Networks Goes Live

itsmybiz.gifGofresh, the Munich based company behind the very successful social network has launched, a “mobile social advertising network”. Basically it’s a focused ad network which allows advertisers to reach an audience of people that frequent mobile social network sites.

The ad network currently reaches 4 million people, and the audience is described by as “digitally active everywhere“. More specifically, it’s a group of mainly 16 to 42 years olds, in the US and Europe, with a 54% male and 46% female split.

The service can support both banner ads as well as video ads. And to make it even easier, prices are pre-set and will remain fixed throughout 2008. The current prices are:

£ 50€ 30$ 40$ 20
Region CPM Banner Ads CPM Video Ads
UK Inventory £ 3
EU Inventory € 4
US Inventory $ 4
World Inventory $ 2 is a mostly “self-service” ad network, meaning an advertiser can setup the campaign themselves. It is quite easy to do.

The first step is to fill out an insertion order form from the website (see the example below). You then print it then fax it along with your credit card details to Gofresh. Your creative needs to be emailed to Gofresh, and then you are ready to go.

itsmybiz_insert_order.gif Insertion Order Form

Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO of Gofresh commented, “the mobile phone is the only medium, that is always ON and with you and it has a wider reach than TV. Mobile social advertising is more personal than any other type of advertising. People can directly interact with brands and products. Whenever and wherever they are, commercial campaigns will now reach them.”

Read the Gofresh press release.

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