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BuzzCity Launches City-by-City Ad Targeting In India

india_regions.gifBuzzCity, the rapidly growing international mobile ad network, has introduced the a service that enables brands in India to target their wireless advertising campaigns to customers in separate regions around the country.

Information gained from BuzzCity’s mygamma mobile social network is used to accomplish this targeting.

myGamma is present in 80 countries across the globe and has over 3 million users, of which over 1.5million reside in less economically developed and newly industrialised countries.

In India, when a user signs up for myGamma, they indicate their location. On an aggregated basis, BuzzCity can then look to identify which mobile IP addresses are associated with myGamma uses in a certain region. This correspondence of region-to-IP address is then used by the BuzzCity ad network to enable advertisers to target consumers in a certain area. Tests have shown this to be over 90% accurate.

BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai, commented: “The ability to target consumers has long been a dream for many brands. Targeted advertising provides benefits for both advertisers and consumers, both of whom gain from enhanced relevance of a campaign.”

At launch, advertisers can choose to target campaigns to four separate regions, centered around the four major cities, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. The company is looking at roll outs across the globe, including the United Kingdom and United States, early in 2009.

Read the full press release.

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