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Leading Mobile Video Service To Implement Mobile Advertising

vuclip_mkhoj.gifLeading mobile video service Vuclip has announced that it will partner with mobile ad network mKhoj. The partnership will see mKhoj placing ads on the Vuclip mobile site, as well as promoting the Vuclip video service and delivery platform to its network of hundreds of mobile publishers.

Vuclip claims to be the most widely-used mobile video search site in the world. The service allows people to access any video on the Internet and watch it on any video-enabled phone. Vuclip finds the video, transcodes and optimizes it “on the fly”, and then delivers it to the subscribers mobile phone in real-time. And there’s no need to download any application to get it to work.

The service has been free to date, although of course normal data charges from the mobile operators apply. This partnership with mKhoj will provide a new monetiztion route for Vuclip.

Ashwin Puri, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Vuclip commented, “We are confident that mKhoj will enable us to maximize our monetization efforts around the globe… In addition, we look forward to working with mKhoj’s publisher clients to power their online video content in mobile through our proprietary “plug and play” video search and delivery platform.”

Amit Gupta, Co-Founder and VP Business Development, mKhoj said, “Vuclip is the most widely used mobile video search and delivery portal in the world and we look forward to assisting Vuclip in its efforts to monetize its mobile traffic. mKhoj is committed to delivering targeted ads backed by advanced analytics.”

Read the full press release here.

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