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10 Key Points For A Successful Apps Strategy

apps_strategy_head.jpgOver the past year, mobile apps have become a vibrant force in the mobile marketing landscape, and having an effective strategy for apps is becoming more important for brands.

Advertising Age recently ran a seminar titled “Apps for Brands” in New York with presentations from some of the leading companies in this area, including Kraft, Benjamin Moore, AKQA, and Bank of America. Read about the key points raised during that conference.

As reported by Kunar Patel in Advertising Age, there are several key lessons that were brought up by the panelists throughout the day.

  • Real-time information Customers expect that information in an app will be as up to date as the information in a PC based app.
  • Easy to pay In order to let customers feel secure, use standard means of payment such as iTunes or operator billing. “Partner with people who know how to collect money,” was the comment from
  • React quickly to user feedback The good news is that consumers are willing to tell you what they think about an app, and in general apps can be modified rapidly. So it necessary to adopt an attitude of quick reaction, and be willing to modify, release, and them modify again. Kraft was on the 5th version of their app before it became immensely popular.
  • Mobile Web is not Wired Web The wired web practice of putting banners into every conceivable space does not work on the mobile web, where real estate is scarcer and consumers are very sensitive to intrusive ads. Also, click through is not the only important metric in mobile – there may be other deeper levels of engagement which are actually more important.
  • Integrated message Ideally the app should be viewed as part of an overall, integrated communication program, rather than a one-off project that just stands on its own.
  • Free app or paid app? Either approach can work. However, to successfully charge for the app, you really need to be providing true value to the consumers. If the main objective is to drive sales of a company’s other products, then free may be the best approach.
  • People help people find apps This is very important to understand when planning how to market your app. Word of mouth, social networks, and PR are very successful for spreading the word and driving downloads.
  • Market using existing communication channels Many companies already have very strong channels for communicating with their customers. Use these as well for marketing your application. For example, Bank of America marketed its iPhone app on
  • Focused marketing“We’re not doing big blowout campaigns for our app,” said Jen McDonald, digitial marketing exec, Bank of America. “We’re being very targeted on mobile.” Also, sometimes it’s better to concentrate marketing activity into a short time period in order to drive a surge in downloads. This can result in a higher ranking in the App store, which is one of the best ways to promote the app.
  • The iPod iTouch is important! This platform sometimes is overlooked by brands planning their apps. But there are a very large number of iTouch users, and in fact they tend to download almost twice as many apps per person as iPhone users.

Note: these points have been excerpted from an article by Kunar Patel in The full article can be read here.
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