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Cadillac Chooses Pandora-Android Launch For Mobile Debut

cadillac_android.gifCadillac, the high-end auto brand from General Motors, has taken their first step into the world of mobile advertising.

Pandora, the personalized internet music radio station, will launch a new Android app that will include Cadillac as the exclusive advertiser through all of 2009.

Cadillac has chosen the new 2010 SRX cross over model to feature in the mobile ads. This is the first time that Cadillac has chosen to use the mobile marketing channel, and they are doing so to attract the affluent demographic that are smartphone users.
Pandora is an internet radio and music discovery service that delivers a personalized stream of music, based on a listener’s personal music taste. There are currently over 35 million registered Pandora listeners, and they are receiving more that 200,000 new mobile users each week.

It runs on a variety of mobile devices including the Palm Pre, BlackBerry smart phones, iPhones and now the Android platform devices.

Aimee Higgins, vice president, sales strategy and planning for Pandora commented, “Cadillac smartly wants to reach hip, on-the-go, affluent consumers—an audience Pandora readily delivers. Our goal is to offer top brands like Cadillac the most effective mobile marketing platform to reach its core target for its new crossover model.”


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