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GetJar Launches Mobile App Conversion Tracking

getjar_logo_with_shadow.pngFor developers, getting people to download their app is important, but equally important is seeing who actually uses the app after it is downloaded. GetJar has now launched a new tool that enables developers to measure the conversion rate of mobile downloads compared to users.

The new product works across all open platforms including Android, BlackBerry, Flash, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and it allows developers to analyze the performance of their application by phone, country and network.

To get started, developers simply add a conversion code into their apps published on GetJar. When the app is opened for the first time, it will notify GetJar. Developers can then see the results in the analytics on the GetJar developer site.

“With GetJar conversion tracking, developers will know where their apps run, and where they don’t,” said Chris Dury, VP of Product for GetJar. “This conversion data will allow developers to improve their apps, increase conversion, and gain an advantage over the competition, by increasing users, not just downloads.”

To read the full Press Release please click HERE

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