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A Graphical Introduction To The Mobile Coupon Market

mobile_coupon.gifAn interesting article appeared last week in the Promotional Codes website (a leading vouchers website in the UK) about mobile coupons.

In order to show the overall development of mobile coupons in the US, they put together what they call an “Infographic” which explains various key trends, facts and techniques in a very simple, graphical way.

Mobile coupons have been a rapidly growing segment of the mobile marketing industry, with more and more companies delivering coupons directly to consumers’ phones. See recent MobiAD posts:

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To see this market overview, click on the image below (you may need to click again to enlarge it), or go to the full article using the link below.

Mobile Advertising and the Rise of Coupons
Infographic By Promotional Codes

To read the full article please click Here

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