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Secret Deodorant: A Photo-Sharing Mobile Campaign Against Bullying

tumblr_inline_mv55l6vrby1rehoax.jpgP&G’s deodorant brand, Secret has had a long running communications drive against teenage bullying.

Now Secret has launched a new mobile campaign using Snap’s mobile app that encourages teenagers to customize photos and spread an anti-bullying message to their friends and family.

Secret is partnering with Condé Nast’s Teen Vogue on the initiative. According to Vivian Rosenthal, CEO/founder of Snaps, “Secret and Teen Vogue’s demographic largely consists of teens, an age group that has a strong presence with mobile engagement on all major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.”

The campaign, which is part of the wider “Mean Stinks”, requires teenagers to download the Snaps App, where they are prompted with a call to action promoting the campaign.


The call to action allows teenagers to customize their own photos by using some one of the 14 branded graphics that can be resized and placed on top of their image. The graphics reinforce the overall message of the campaign with copy such as “I will stand up for someone today” or “Do the blue pinky swear.”

Pictures are then shared on the Snaps app under the brand’s page and can also be sent to friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and email.

“Secret understands that fans of the ‘Mean Stinks’ campaign are hungry for ways to engage with content and share their experiences with their peers,” Ms. Rosenthal said.

“Mobile photo-sharing is a natural way of communicating among this age group and important tool in putting an end to girl-to-girl bullying,” she said.


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