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AdMob Launches Ad Unit for Android

android_logo_admob.gifAdMob has announced that it has launched its first advertising unit for Android applications. This new ad unit will enable developers who write applications for Google‘s mobile operating system to monetise their applications.

The first developers to leverage AdMob’s new Android ad unit in their applications include AccuWeather, Jirbo, and TapJoy.

The capability to generate revenue through advertising is likely to become very important in the Android world. Whereas the Apple iPhone ecosystem easily supports charging for applications, the more open Android system does not yet support charging for apps. Also, because it is fairly easy to set up an Android download, there will be much less control over sharing of Android apps.

admob_android.gifAndroid phones only arrived on the market a few months ago, but in some markets such as the US they are already becoming fairly popular – a recent report but Android share of ad requests on AdMob at 2%, putting it slightly ahead of Symbian devices.

Ali Diab, Vice President of Product Management for AdMob said, “We are already seeing strong interest in developing applications for Android-based devices, similar to what we saw with the iPhone last summer, and are very excited to take the lead in helping developers monetise their applications on this fast-growing device platform.”

Read the full AdMob press release.

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