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A Mobile QR Campaign That Makes People Undress In Public

We are always looking for innovative new mobile marketing campaigns to share on MobiAD News – campaigns that manage to engage consumers in unique ways to build a brand or drive sales.

Americanino is a Chilean apparel brand that put together a truly unique “Pop-Up” campaign based on an outdoor QR code. Their “Hypnotize” campaign convinced young Chileans to take their clothes off in public to win new fashion items!

Developed with Santiago-based agency Mayo Digital, the campaign mechanics were actually quite simple but very engaging and a lot of fun. Here’s how it worked.

americanino_1.jpg1. The Americanino team placed a small billboard with a QR code in a public area that was frequented by young consumers – the target audience for this campaign. The billboard showed a QR code and a large Hypnotize image.

americanino_2.jpg 2. When someone scanned the QR code, they received a message daring them to call a specific phone number. The billboard also contained a similar message that translates roughly as “when you are in the Americanino Hynotic state, changes will happen right away. Dare to call this phone number, but do not move from this place“.

americanino_3.jpg3. When the consumer called the number, they were connected to the “hypnotizer”, who was one of the marketing team located in a van close to the billboard.

americanino_4.jpg4. Then the hypnotizer would describe exactly what the consumer was wearing at the moment, and would say that their current clothing really did not seem to fit their style. The hypnotizer would then invite the consumer to take their clothes off to receive some new clothes. Needless to say, those adventurous few who did start to strip provided a lot of entertainment for the people passing by, and naturally gathered a large crowd.

americanino_5.jpg5. And finally, someone from Americanino would arrive to give the brave person some stylish new Americanino clothes to put on.

Take a look at the video below to see the campaign in action. Clearly this created a lot of excitement and was a lot of fun for everyone involved. A really good example of building some buzz and enthusiasm around a youth clothing brand with a relatively simple mobile marketing campaign.

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