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Google Continues Mobile Drive By Launching “Product Search” Feature For Android and iPhone

google_logo.gifSeveral months ago, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said he believes that Google may eventually make more money from mobile than it does on the desktop. Just this week Google took another step towards enhancing its mobile offering by bringing their “Product Search” feature to iPhone and Android.

This is a very logical extension of the existing desktop function, because much of the time that someone is shopping they will not be near their desktop PC. So the ability to quickly gather information about products – including specifications, pricing, and customer ratings – makes even more sense when it is delivered over mobile.

Here’s how it works. Go to on your mobile, type in the name of a product or category, and then tap on the “shopping results” link that appears in the search results (or tap on the “more” tab and then “shopping” to get to Product Search directly). Google will then bring back special product search pages.

Here is an example from Google’s mobile blog:


The product search results also gives you the option to sort by price, to look at consumer ratings, to check for certain brands, etc.

The new product search results pages for mobile are available in the US and UK, and for iPhone and Android-powered devices.

To learn more, visit the Google’s Official Mobile Blog, or watch this video from the Google development team.

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