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mKhoj Launches Multi-Language Ad Service

mkhoj_multi.gifInternational ad network mKhoj has launched a new feature of their advertising service that lets brands communicate in different markets in different languages.

Local language capability should lead to more effective advertising through improved relevancy, as well as increasing the value of publishers’ mobile properties through greater localization.

mKhoj is a large player in many of the developing markets around the world, and in fact they call themselves “the leading mobile advertising marketplace for the rest of the world.”

When advertisers sign up to mKhoj, they now have the ability to upload their mobile advertising in multiple languages and alphabets. While creating a campaign on the network, they fill out information showing the appropriate ad for each corresponding geographic location. So an ad in French will be created for France and an ad in Arabic for Saudi.

When an ad request comes, the network will get the information about the geography of the user and the corresponding ad is served.

This announcement let’s brands produce advertising tailored to local languages in seventeen different countries in hundreds of languages, including Afrikaans, Arabic, Bahasa, Hindi, Tamil, Turkic, and Zulu.


“Empowering advertisers to speak to consumers in their native language enables them to make more personal connections with their target audiences.” Abhay Singhal, Head of Global Sales for mKhoj. “This provides multinational advertisers a more effective way to reach local audiences around the globe.”


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