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Despite Critics, Proximity Marketing Is Getting Results

bluetooth_intro.jpgBluetooth-based proximity marketing has occasionally been criticized as being intrusive, as Bluetooth “invitations” are sometimes sent without a consumers request.

However, recent figures from proximity marketing firm FuturLink demonstrate that Bluetooth marketing can lead to very successful customer interaction.

FuturLink has just announced that they have passed 16 million mobile downloads via bluetooth. Including all the proximity marketing campaigns they have run, a total of around 200 million mobile phones have received invitations to download a file via bluetooth, thus making it an 8% download rate.

This rate of engagement is much higher than for many of other means of mobile marketing. Combined with the fact that most of these are localized downloads, i.e. they take place in a specific environment such as a retail mall which provides a level of targeting, it shows that bluetooth marketing can prove to be successful if done properly. This is location-based mobile marketing without the need of GPS on the phone or the intervention of the mobile operator.

From a customer perspective, these campaigns allow brands and content owners to provide videos, images, coupons, applications, games, etc., with no cost for each content distribution.

Ricardo Garcia, FuturLink CEO, commented “Not only these results illustrate our leadership in proximity marketing, but they provide as well important insight about consumer behavior, showing for example higher recurrence and higher download rate in permanent networks at shopping malls in Saudi Arabia than in the rest of the world”.


Read the full press release.

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