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BuzzCity Launches Planning Tool For Mobile Ad Campaigns

buzzcity_planning.jpgBuzzCity has launched a web-based mobile media planning tool to help mobile marketers get better returns for their ad spend.

The online tool includes traffic and demographic data from each of 200 markets where the ad network operates.

The BuzzCity Global Mobile Advertising Network is one of the world’s largest mobile internet advertising networks. It includes more than 2,000 mobile internet publisher sites in 200 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, along with the company’s myGamma mobile social networking community.

It is not always easy to get enough detailed level information from mobile operators and ad networks to optimize the effectiveness of a mobile campaign. The purpose of this tool is to give as much information as possible so they can get maximum yield from their advertising spend.

“Each of the millions of ad impressions served across our network daily tell us a little more about the mobile internet landscape,” said KF Lai, BuzzCity CEO. “The data accrued is a trove of valuable insight for advertisers and media planners, and also paints a coherent picture of mobile internet trends—what markets are expanding, who is engaging and the types of handsets they are using to surf.”

The campaign planner starts with world map color-coded according to the mobile internet page views available in that market. Pop-up display windows also provides the number of ad impressions available per month, and the average cost-per-click in that market. Other information accessible through the tool includes carrier and network information, handset information—including brand, model, operating system and features, and user information—including gender, age and location.

General Country Data

Content Channel Data

Handset Feature Data

Viewer Age Data

Try out the BuzzCity campaign planner at

Read the full BuzzCity press release here.

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