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Top Story of the Week

googleSearchTopImageMost people know that Google uses a complex system to determine which results to show from a search query. What some people may not know is that this algorithm gets updated periodically.

In mid-April, Google implemented a major change, one that was focused on the mobile-readiness of websites.

While this may seem to be a small technicality, in fact it can have huge impact on anyone that depends on customers finding them through Google.

28. 04. 2015.
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Industry News

iot-mwcA key theme at this years' Mobile World Congress was the rapid emergence of the Internet of Things as key future growth area for product, solution providers and telco operators.

IoT is taking off, and in a big way, evidenced by the massive amount of IoT solutions and applications shown at MWC.

11. 05. 2015.

Industry News

stack_of_goldFor many years Google has had a seemingly unbreakable hold on internet search, with competitors like as Bing and Yahoo having a hard time making any gains in the marketplace.

However, search on mobile devices is developing into quite a unique proposition, with differences in content, user expectations, and technologies.

Venture Capitalists are now betting that Google might well be vulnerable in this new area of search. And so they are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars of investment into start ups that are targeting mobile search.

06. 05. 2015.

Industry News

woman-enter-infoMost consumers these days are fairly comfortable shopping online, and storing their credit or debit card information for online payments.

However, these same consumers have not yet become comfortable with storing their card data in mobile apps. Concern about security of the apps has greatly limited their uptake.

28. 04. 2015.

Industry News

top-brands-on-twitterSocial media marketing has been around for quite some time, and most companies have some appreciation of the benefits of connecting to customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Major brands often put significant resources into developing and fine tuning their social network marketing.

This post looks specifically at how the world's Top 100 Brands use Twitter for marketing - something that many other companies may want to learn from.

06. 02. 2015.
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Market Resources

android_eats_appleA recent report from Opera Mediaworks indicates that - for the first time - mobile advertising on Android based devices has passed iOS based advertising on two key indicators.

Already the clear leader in impressions for the past year, in Q1 2015 Android also became the leader in total revenue generated.

See the complete statistics here.

06. 05. 2015.

Top Campaign

Over the past couple of years, there have been a number of companies who thought that delivering targeted information to mobile users based on their current location could be a very lucrative business, e.g. companies such FourSquare or Yelp.

Now Facebook has also entered this business with a new service called Place Tips.

The service will initially be based on bluetooth "Beacons" and is being trialled in New York.

04. 02. 2015.
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