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Top Story of the Week

crystal_ball-2015Every year at this time, we see many lists predicting the hot trends for the coming 12 months.

This year one of the best and most thoughtful lists we’ve seen comes from Golden Gekko, a leading mobile solutions provider in North America and Europe.

Their forecast identifies 10 key trends that will influence and shape the mobile industry in 2015. Our industry continues to evolve at rapid pace, and this list provides a lot of good "food for thought".

22. 12. 2014.
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Industry News

AppAnnieMagnifyingThere are many reasons why a mobile app publisher may want to understand deeply the profile of their user base: to plan acquisition ads, to steer development efforts, or to help sell advertising to brands.

Based on close to 80 billion app downloads, mobile analytics company App Annie has released a new tool that helps publishers to gain these key insights.

21. 12. 2014.

Industry News

MarrisaMayerWhen Marissa Mayer took over the CEO spot at Yahoo!, she publicly stated that “Yahoo will have to be a predominantly mobile company.”

“We’re late" she said, "We’re behind."

Now, over two years later, there are signs that Yahoo! is making inroads in the mobile space.
According to new projections from eMarketer, in 2015 Yahoo! should overtake Twitter to become the third largest mobile advertising platform in the US.

21. 12. 2014.

Industry News

FitAd-LogoIt looks like one of the biggest trends in the next couple of years may be a huge growth in the usage of mobile devices and wearables for fitness & health.

Hoping to capitalize on that growth, New York startup FitAd has launched a mobile ad platform that promises to deliver a "curated audience" to brands, and maximized ad revenues to specialty publishers.

18. 12. 2014.

Industry News

mobile-vs-salesmanIn a further sign that an effective mobile presence is now absolute requirement for retailers - even predominantly brick and mortar stores - a recent study has found that a majority of shoppers would prefer to get product information through their phone rather than by speaking to a live sales assistant.

17. 12. 2014.
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Market Resources

iphone_moneyMobile payments seems to have remained "on the horizon" for several years.

Products like Google-Wallet and NFC were supposed to have revolutionized payments by now, but have either faded into obscurity or are just now starting to make any serious inroads.

So the question one has to ask is - does anyone really want mobile payments?

The answer is a resounding YES, it is the Millennial generation that is likely to finally drive adoption of new payment technology.

20. 12. 2014.

Top Campaign


Every once in awhile we see a mobile-based application that is just so innovative we have to write about it.

And the "Pay-per-Laugh" application from TeatreNeu certainly fits this category.

See how a struggling theater in Spain used iPads and facial (smile) recognition to save their business!

18. 09. 2014.
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