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Top News of the Week

"Retargeting" is a very effective, rapidly growing technique to improve the conversion rate from digital advertising. Only recently have advertisers been able to use the mobile channel for retargeting.

A new study from AdRoll looked at the performance of retargeting ads on Facebook, and found that mobile was not only more effective, it was also less expensive. Check out the full study here, as well as a whitepaper on Facebook advertising.

05. 08. 2014.
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Industry News

qr_code_logoQR Codes have been a piece of the mobile marketing world for quite awhile, and we have reported on them extensively over the years.

Now that smartphones have become the most popular device in many countries, QR codes are even more attractive to marketers.

Here is an infographic from Unitag which shows the benefits of using QR codes, what customers expect from, and more.

14. 08. 2014.

Industry News

shazam_logoShazam - the song recognition app that is used by 100 million people per month - is making an even stronger push to link TV and Mobile viewing.

The company has recently launching a new advertising platform, Resonate, as well as signing partnerships with some key US TV networks including A+E, AMC, Dick Clark, and others.

10. 08. 2014.

Industry News

anina_mobile_techAt the GSMA's Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai recently, a special event highlighted how cutting-edge technologies are gradually penetrating the fashion industry.

This was the first event in China which demonstrated how such technologies - including 3D printing, wearable tech, and clothing robots - can be integrated with innovative fashion design, unveiling the hot points and latest trends in the integration of the fashion and technology industries.

06. 08. 2014.
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New In The Company Index

Splicky_logoSplicky is a 100% transparent mobile demand-side-platform (DSP) that currently handles up to 5 billion global ad impressions per day. Features such as Location-based Targeting, Native Ads and Rich media allow Advertisers and Agencies to address their target groups.
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Market Resources

mobile_travelThe latest version of Millennial Media's, Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting report (S.M.A.R.T.), shows just how fast mobile advertising is growing in certain sectors.

While Entertainment still is the top spending vertical category, other categories are growing faster, with Travel growing over 400% and Pharmaceuticals increasing by almost 500% over the past year!

06. 08. 2014.

Expert Opinion

facebook_buy_button_logoLast week, Facebook announced it’s testing a new advertising unit in its Marketplace that will feature a “buy now” button in the ad.

It’s no secret that Facebook is a digital advertising behemoth. eMarketer predicts Facebook will serve over 21% of all mobile ads this year, which earns Facebook the number two spot in all digital ad sales, second only to Google.

That being said, Facebook “buy now” ads simply won’t work. Here’s why. Industry Opinion by David Rekuc, Ripen eCommerce

01. 08. 2014.

Top Campaign

anzac2014Very often we tend to focus on the newest, high-technology aspects of mobile marketing. Somehow it seems that the latest features must be the most important for attracting consumers.

But every once in awhile we see a campaign that reminds us that in fact, marketing is all about engaging people at an emotional level - this is what really counts.

Take a look at this campaign that was put together to help drive donations for the Anzac Appeal in Australia this year.

16. 07. 2014.
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